About us

What is Just Citizens?

Just Citizens is a JustRight Scotland project, making the case for everyone living in Scotland to be able to access equal rights, regardless of their immigration status.

We believe everyone living in Scotland has the right to belong, including EU nationals, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from many other backgrounds, as well as native Scots.

We want to  explore what a fairer, more just type of citizenship might look like in Scotland – one that means everyone feels like they belong.

We aim to amplify the voices of migrants themselves and help them advocate for the changes they want to see, though our Just Citizen’s panel.  The Just Citizens project team looks to support their work by drawing on legal, policy, campaigning and communications expertise.

Scotland illustrationLegal citizenship is reserved to the UK Government. But lots of what makes migrants feel like they belong is within the power of the Scottish Government. The changes that we can make here in Scotland are the focus of our work.


What we do

Between now and summer 2021 we’ll be looking at the ways we can make changes to policy around eduction, health and wellbeing, work and benefits, housing and homelessness, political participation…and more.

This work will be led by our Just Citizen’s panel, a group of 15 migrants living in Scotland from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. From managing hospitals, to journalism, activism, advising people on their rights and much more, they bring a wealth of both personal and professional experience.

We will be also  assessing the impact of covid-19 on migrant groups and continuing our work to raise awareness of the impact of Brexit on the rights of EU migrants in Scotland.

Connections illustration

Plans in the pipeline include citizen-led research and journalism project, accountability panels and action days. Our approach will always be collaborative, our goal – to find strategies that work, to build networks where we can share our knowledge and build the case for a more just definition of citizenship.

Who we are

Photo of Jen Ang
Jen Ang, one of our founding co-directors, an experienced human rights lawyer and lecturer in law with the Open University.
Photo of Karin Goodwin
Karin Goodwin, our Senior Communications Consultant, an award-winning journalist and expert in advising third sector and community based organisations on effective communications and media engagement.
Photo of Talat Yaqoob
Talat Yaqoob, our Senior Policy and Public Affairs Consultant, an experienced campaigner and consultant who has worked on creating system and policy changes for women, focusing on intersecting inequalities.