Could you be part of our advisory panel?

JustCitizens is making the case for everyone living in Scotland to be able to access equal rights, regardless of their immigration status.  

 We believe everyone living in Scotland has the right to belong, including EU nationals, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from many other backgrounds, as well as native Scots.  

 For the past year, our JustCitizens have conducted research, written articles, spoken to the media, campaigned for change, met with policymakers — and advocated for the changes we want to see.   

 Join us!

We’re looking for new JustCitizens to help us explore what a fairer, more equal type of citizenship might look like in Scotland and to direct the strategy of our legal, policy, campaigning and communications work around migrants’ rights.  

 In return, we’ll offer workshops, training, and networking opportunities – we’ll give you and your fellow JustCitizens the opportunity to direct your own work, and the resources and support to succeed.  We will also offer a citizens’ stipend, a payment made at the equivalent of £10 per hour, in the form of either cash or vouchers. We are looking for people who can commit about four hours per month. 

 So, if you are a migrant living here, or a native Scot wanting to work in solidarity with migrants, and you would like to join us as a JustCitizen, we want to hear from you! 

 Get in touch! 

To register your interest, write to Sabrina Galella – –  explaining why you want to be involved and what you could bring to JustCitizens. 

 We look forward to hearing from you!