JustCitizens Launches “Migrant Experiences with Police Scotland” Survey!

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Have you had any experiences with Police Scotland that you think need to be shared? Have you encountered barriers to accessing the service, or ever felt like your immigration status put you in a challenging position with the police?

JustCitizens is launching the survey “Lived experiences as migrants with Police Scotland”.

Living as a migrant in Scotland has become tougher in the last few years. The cost of living crisis, along with the recent hostile environment policies introduced by the UK government have meant that there has been a surge in barriers to accessing housing, education, health, and work for migrants in the UK. We want to ensure that people have a safe and reliable institution to turn to when things go wrong. This is why we find it very important to examine the current relationship between migrants and Police Scotland.

We are launching this survey to centre the lived experiences of migrants in our study. We want to ask the difficult questions of whether citizenship and immigration status have led to barriers when interacting with Police Scotland. We also want to examine when these issues are likely to arise and highlight them in our case studies. We are hoping that providing this platform allows your experiences to be heard.

This is a topic we treat with care and respect as it impacts our members and all migrants in Scotland. We recognise the importance of your story and how valuable it is to strengthen our community and work. For this reason, we appreciate your participation.

If you are a migrant living in Scotland, we invite you to fill in our survey.

If you have any further experiences with Police Scotland that you want to share, please get in touch with us at: justcitizens2@justrightscotland.org.uk.

You can fill our survey here.

We believe that, with the help of our Just Citizens and the migrant community, we can build the evidence base to open the discussion for a better relationship with Police Scotland that is founded in respect, confidence, and with a solid human rights foundation for the future.